Dolphil Guitar Fret Polish Kit

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Protection Kit

Protect guitar body from scratches

String Fixer, Anti-collision Foam, Neck Plate and Stickers, Gloves

Polish Kit

Polish guitar fret and clean fretboard

Polishing Paste, Wipe Cloth and Protective Oil

Triangular Support

Nect Plate and Anti-collision Foam will protect guitar body from scratches

Avoid guitar shaking and surface scratching during polishing

No Need To Restring

String Fixer free your from trouble of restring

Full Range Guitar Fingerboard Stickers

Three type scientifically designed Fingerboard Stickers

Polish By Profession Dolphil

Provide a more friendly experience for new and experienced users

Premium Quality Cleaner

Use Protective Oil to clean, condition, and protect

Completely free of lemon extracts, it is safe on all unfinished fretboards include rosewood, ebony and maple

Available Guitar Type

Available for bass, electric guitar, folk guitar, classical guitar and ukulele

Before & After


Much better than I thought! The polish was very impressed. I would definitely recommend this product.

Michael Creel


If you're looking for a simple to use product to keep your gloss finished guitars looking good, you can't go wrong with this product.



Great handy Kit to have. A must have for those who do some of their own maintenance.

George S

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